Beelzebul(Beelzebub) - Devil of the Gambling

Heis called Beelzebul or Beelzebub and is the lord of the highest rankingdevils amongst devils. But, he falls to the lowest rank in charge ofdirty filth after he lost to 'the fallen angel, Lucifer' who fell tothe world of the devils from the world of the angels.

Beelzebullost all the power in a day, and is called the Fly King. He became ajoke for all the devils. This event created the card game, 'Beelzebul'because it was spread out to devils for a long time In the trump, eachnumber symbolizes devils.

Thecard which symbolizes 'Lucifer' is the most powerful card, 'A', on theother hand, the weakest card, '2' symbolizes Beelzebul. But, the number2 which contains the firing revenge of Beelzebul is used as the mostpowerful card in this game, Beelzebul.

The game uses a one card method using the genealogy of poker.

1. The goal of the game
- It is to get rid of all the cards players have.

2. Game process
- Card distribution :
When the game starts, all the players receive 13 cards.
- Advance decision :
Whenyou start your game, the leader of the first game is the one who owns3◆, from the following game, the leader is the winner of the last game.If the game has started, the one who passes all the players with his orher cards becomes the leader.
- Play direction :
The play goes counterclockwise from the leader.
- Direction of the game :
Players get rid of their cards in their turn according to the following rules.
1) If you are the leader, arrange the cards according to the genealogy in the order of 1,2,3 and 5 card types.
2)If you are not the leader, arrange and put stronger cards among thecard type which the leader chose. If you don't have a card to put down,you pass your turn to the next player.

3. Game over
Ifanybody plays all the cards they own, the game is over and the rest ofthe players lose the points corresponding to the number of cards theyown.

Ifa card contains the same genealogy, the order is like this,type>number>pattern. The difference between this game and Pokeris that Four Card is not 4 cards but 5 cards, because there is no FourCard type and no Two Pairs. The other type of relationships are thesame as Poker.

[Game mode]
Thisstory mode which proceeds in the stage method. There are various modes,e.g. infinite mode, which plays with clear characters infinitely in thestory mode.
Thiscan only be played in the story mode. If you submit the cards accordingto the mission pattern, you can acquire a bonus multiplied score whenyou win the game.
Thiscan only be played in the infinite mode. When you choose to push afteryou win the game, you to give up the amount you acquired and play thefollowing game with a bonus score of *2. you to play three times insequence with an octuple amount.
[Low-high game]
Thiscan only be played in the story mode. You can choose to play it afteryou win the game. When you win the game, you can acquire a bonus scoreof *2. When you lose the game, you can acquire a bonus score of *0.5.
Ifyou win the leader and the other players pass with the leader's leftover cards, Combo operates from the second turn. You can get a bonus ofthe total of the points multiplied by the number of combos.
When you win the game, if the failed characters have over 10 cards left, you can get a bonus score of *2.
Perfect happens if you win the game while the other players don't put down any cards. You can get a bonus score of *2.

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