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This is a great Time Management Game for all those that love thesetypes of games. I knew this game was a keeper when I seen it in the appstore, it did not Disappoint me in any way. This is a fantastic game& I just love it.

You are the owner of Jean’s Boutique, you have to serve customers,you get customers measurements, let them try on clothes, take then to amirror & more. There are 7 types of customers throughout the game,make them happy or they will leave your store. You always have theoption to wink or flatter to make them happier.

When a customer is not happy, you will see red smiley faces, whenthey are happy, you will see green smiley faces. Of course you want toaim for the green smiley faces. There is a time limit to each day, youhave to be very fast on your feet to serve customers, make sure to meetyour cash goals for the day & there are also many upgradesavailable to purchase for your boutique.

There is an amazing total of 40 stages in this game, 8 locations, 5levels for each location & 10 unique clothing types. Of course eachlevel gets harder as you progress in the game.

BUY TODAY @ $2.99

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Thanks for making this Review possiable & I look forward to doing more Reviews for you in the future.
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