Violet Papua #3

Violet Papua #3

245 Full Color Screens | 8 Episode

VioletPapua, the cartoon created by Artfactory studio in Korea, shows youdaily stories about common people with sweetness and happiness. We hopethat you enjoy it. From Afeel.

Episode 1. Daily Life
Episode 2. Daddy's Magic
Episode 3. Lucky Star
Episode 4. A library in my mind
Episode 5. I am sorry, my older sister
Episode 6. Encounter the first love
Episode 7. An old computer
Episode 8. Spring effort syndrome


Flick (R to L) : goes to next screen
Flick (L to R) : returns to the previous screen
lower screen tap : open navigation


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오늘 따끈따끈한 컨텐츠가 #2 에 이어 #3 가 올라갔습니다.
많은 관심을 가져 주시고, 사랑 많이 해주세요.
최선을 다하는 AFEEL 이 되겠습니다(^^)(__)

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